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SALACIA SWIM & Sarasvati Jewelry

At Sarasvati Jewelry we are passionate about connecting with like minded brands who share similar core values. We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with SALACIA SWIM, an eco-conscious swimwear brand launching in December. Their motto is “The ocean is my second home; the planet was my first and I want to look after both. The creator of Salacia Swim was born on the Gold Coast and grew up exploring the beaches her entire life. The birthing of Salacia was a combination of her love for the beach, fashion and passion to create a change no matter how big or small to our environment.

The core values at Salacia are to only use environmentally friendly materials to help make a positive change. For example, their swimwear pieces are made from recycled lycra, the most environmentally friendly swimwear material.

Their personal goal is to raise awareness about sustainability and convey that message through their brand and social media platforms.

Salacia Swim is a local GC based business. The owner sketches all of the designs herself and all of the swimwear, business cards and promotional materials are made and completed locally.

How gorgeous does this model look wearing our "Find Your Voice" piece. A design which is made to help you communicate clearly.

A custom Peach Moonstone piece completed this stunning look.

You can see how relaxed this local GC influencer looks wearing our "Soothe The Soul" piece.

We think a trio of Sarasvati pieces is the ultimate arm candy.

You can feel the positive vibrations radiating off this piece and from this shot! "Positive Vibes" is not only gorgeous but will make you feel happy and energised!

We had the best time with this inspirational GC brand and all of the beautiful models! Stay tuned for the launch of Salacia Swim and make sure to follow their story on Instagram,

This gorgeous shoot was at the amazing Shoot Location Burleigh!

All photos taken by Paget Photography


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