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*Clear Quartz promotes happiness by removing negative energy and bringing in positive light. It is one of the best crystals for happiness because it brings high vibrational healing light into the body and raises our vibration so that we can attain the happiness we desire.


*Tigers Eye helps us overcome so much of the internal junk that holds us back in life. With the help of this stone, we can enjoy new perspectives, creative solutions, and the ability to let things roll off of us. With its help, we have more willpower, and we feel inspired to let our intuition lead us to prosperity and happiness.


*Ametrine combines the peacefulness of amethyst with the joyfulness of citrine. This harmonious blend of these two incredible crystals brings balance to our spiritual and mental selves and our feminine and masculine energies. It promotes mental clarity and optimism, thereby sparking positive change in our lives. 


*Amethyst is a beautiful crystal that brings us to a calm and centered state of mind, yet it uplifts us at the same time. It both settles and clarifies the mind and it brings us peace in the darkest of times. It is also allows us to build our spirituality and access higher vibrations that promote peace and joy.


*Rose Quartz s the primary crystal for love. It promotes love and compassion on every level, helping us receive more love, give out love, and love ourselves. It lifts our mood in a gentle, loving way, clears out negativity, and releases emotional trauma, pain and heartache. 


*Amazonite inspires hope, playfulness, and a care-free attitude. This happiness crystal helps us access our inner truth and personal power, allowing us to step into our authenticity and empowering us to live life to the fullest. It helps us enjoy happier relationships by improving our communication skills and our understanding of others. It also allows us to let go of our limiting beliefs and emotional blocks and to tune into our intuition so that we can be guided to make healthier decisions that lead to happiness.


*Citrine is a cheerful crystal that brings the radiance of the sun into our energy field, promoting carefree, courageous feelings that improve our confidence and motivation, help us go with the flow, and manifest our dreams. It brings a strong sense of vitality and attracts positive things to us. Citrine is one of the most thought of crystals when one is looking for happiness.

Positive Vibes

  • Small- 13cm

    Medium- 17cm

    Large- 21cm

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