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Sarasvati Jewelry at Cenote Casa Bathhouse

Gorgeous model Isabella Grace got a chance to escape to paradise at the Cenote Casa Bathhouse in Brisbane. This amazing Instagramable location offers a sauna, steam room, spa and magnesium plunge pool. Isabella is wearing a one piece by Summer Addiction. All photos taken by Meh Di.

Isabella Grace wearing a trio of Sarasvati Jewelry. Custom pieces of Botswanian Agate, Red Agate and Peach Moonstone as she welcomes you into Cenote Casa Bathhouse.

What better way to relax and de-stress than in a beautiful sauna complete with the healing energy of crystals.

Sweating out the toxins and soaking in the healing energy.

The colours in these crystals pair perfectly with the stunning shade of the Lorenzo one piece by Summer Addiction Swimwear.

Ever since the Romans, people around the world have been using the therapeutic qualities of water to cleanse, heal and relax the body.

Cold water is a great recharger after raising the bodies temperature. It reduces inflammation and helps boost circulation.

Water is also spiritually healing since it is a conduit of Universal energy. It can literally wash away negative energy that has become lodged in your chakras from past heartbreak or trauma.

Feeling completely zen after a healing and relaxing visit.

Cenote Casa Bathhouse is definitely a new Brisbane spot to check out. Whether you are looking for time to unwind and recharge or want a fun day out with your squad, this beautiful location will offer you peace of the body and mind. If you would like to book a session the link is below.





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