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Attract wealth and abundance with these powerful crystals and gemstones.


*Citrine is one of the most powerful gemstones for manifesting. Particularly in relation to promoting success in business. It is said to carry the power of the sun and is one of the stones of abundance. Not only does Citrine’s vibration bring wealth and prosperity, but it teaches us to understand how to attract it, encourages generosity and helps ensure we spend wisely.


*Tourmalinated Quartz is one of the best crystals for boosting your luck and good fortune. It combines qualities of Quartz – amplifying vibratory energies and focus – with Tourmaline – blocking and transmuting negativity into positive - so it brings double the luck.


*Labradorite is a beautiful crystal as it brings synchronicity, luck, serendipity and good fortune due to its high vibration. In particular, Labradorite is great when you’re feeling ‘stuck’ in life and need to get things flowing again. This is because it brings clarity to decisions, whilst dispelling negativity. It also can protect from bad decisions that may result in you losing money.


*Malachite is an energy magnet and can provide the focus needed to solve financial problems. With its money-like colour and reputation as a Stone for Merchants since ancient times, malachite is a strong contender for one of the best stones for prosperity.


*Amazonite is a lucky hope crystal – it will help your dreams come true! By dissipating energy blockages which hold us back from achieving our dreams, this crystal is as powerful as the river it is named after. Amazonite brings luck in games where chance is an element. A stone of prosperity also, Amazonite can bring good fortune to any financial venture.


*Green Aventurine is thought to be one of the luckiest crystals. It’s popular with people who like gambling due to its winning energy - especially when involved with chance. Coming from the Latin Avetura, meaning chance, it is useful for attracting wealth and good luck, as well as stabilising financial situations.


Charm is a silver hand holding a lotus representing successes and wealth flurishing in the palm of your hands. Charm customisable upon request. 


Show Me The Money!

  • Small- 13cm

    Medium- 17cm

    Large- 21cm

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