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When using your chakra meditation bracelet, you can focus on all chakras or specific ones. We like to work from the base up but everyone has their own preference. If there is something you would like to unblock in a chakra, focus your energy on that specific area. We like to picture each stone’s energy as a colour and as you meditate visualise that colour radiating into your chakra to heal you. A good chakra mediation should leave your body buzzing with amazing healing energy. 


*Crown- Top of Head- Amethyst: Use stone for enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, connecting with the Universe & drawing in Universal energy. 

*Third Eye- Between Eyebrows- Lapis Lazuli: Use stone for spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, intuition & inner wisdom. 

*Throat- Base of Neck- Sodalite: Use stone for communication, clarity, self expression & truth.

*Heart- Centre of Chest- Jade: Use stone for love, compassion, emotions, balance & Universal consciousness. 

*Solar Plexus- Tigers Eye: Between Navel & Chest- Tiger’s Eye: Use stone for ambition, intellect, personal power and protection. 

*Sacral- Lower Abdoman- Citrine: Use stone for creativity, cleansing, intuition, sexuality, reproduction desire & emotion. 

*Root- Base of Spine- Red Sunstone: Use stone for protection, grounding, stability, physical energy, will power & security. 

*Clear Quartz is know as the master healer working with all of the chakras. Clear Quartz can raise energies to the highest frequencies and is a deep cleanser. It will charge all of your chakra crystals as well as clear them after they heal you. 

Chakra Meditation

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